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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)

26 August
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Rabbit in Anglo-Saxon armour, with spearOf the life of Beowabbit little is known. The following fragment only remains of the fabled Codex Lactucae, most of which was shredded for bedding in 1727 by a well-to-do hare on the outskirts of Manchester.
Long of ear / the gnawer gnashes
terrible teeth! / Triumph will be
the royal reward / the Rabbit has earned.

It is rumoured that earlier copies of the famous Codex exist, so perhaps more will be revealed of the life of this brave warrior to future generations.

The depiction at right is by scholargipsy.

I’ve removed all the interests the InterestRank meme listed as “Universal”, and a few it listed as “Popular”, to make room for less common interests. Those were: friends, love, movies, reading, sex, stars and dogs, fire, politics, travel, water.

Some people have solemn rituals in their lives, repeated on a near-daily basis, at the end of which they say “amen”. I have solemn rituals in my life, repeated on a near-daily basis, at the end of which I say ”oops”.
[My contact info is in this friends-locked post dated 2001-01-01 01:01. Or if you know my email address you can finger me there.]