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Very brief posting

So I had jury duty today, but didn’t get impanelled. I had gotten up very early to get to the courthouse on time and was zonked by the time we got out in the afternoon, so I went home instead of to work. I intended to take a nap and get some cleaning done, but somehow it didn’t happen. Hopefully I can get to sleep very soon, though.

I am a happy ’wabbit, you know? My life is good.

It will be even better with a dash of sleep added. G’night, all!

PS — For those of you who care, I now have a full set of expansion sets to play 6-player Cities and Knights of Catan. I’d been thinking about hosting a game this weekend, but other stuff (including a visit to the wonderful onemintjulep) is happening instead. However, I’ll need to break them in soon...
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