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Weekend Update

Fun weekend!

Saturday was a going-away party for scholargipsy, which was tremendous fun, and at which I met sunstealer and heinleinfan, whom I’d noticed on LJ but never actually been introduced to in person.

This afternoon I had a very tentative notion of going to a Phantom Gourmet food festival in the Fenway, but it ended up not quite getting organized, which is fine, because it turns out it was sold out. Instead I had a mellow day at home, and got a call around 3:00pm about a Cities and Knights game getting organdized, so that’s what I did in the evening. It was a good game; more even towards the end than they usually are.

It’s also been a good weekend for getting little chores done – laundry, dishes, minor house stuff, packing some things to send to sionnagh, and so forth – and for reading and relaxing.

While I’ve had a good chunk of socialism socialization being social both days, I also had lots of good quiet alone time. I’m feeling very refreshed.

Oh, speaking of refreshed, on Friday I taught at work for the first time this year. I usually teach a few weeks of the required course for first-year CS/IS majors, on basic Unix skills and history and sometimes other stuff, but last year I didn’t because my group was so busy with the impending move to the new building. I really like teaching, and it always makes me feel good.
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