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What a wonderful couple of days!

What a wonderful couple of days!

Yesterday morning in the Fells: Yesterday morning I met geeyodi for a nice little hike in the Fells. It was nice to get to chat with her, and the weather was great.

Yesterday afloat, celebrating Shayde’s birthday: Yesterday afternoon and evening I participated in a delightful celebration for Shayde’s birthday. A bunch of us met at the marina in Salem and went on a two-ish hour cruise aboard the Fame, a working replica of a fishing schooner that was turned into a privateer during the War of 1812. It was delightful!

The ride was an excellent idea, and I really enjoyed it. I love being on the water, I love history (although this cruise was a bit light on that, except for the boat itself), I’ve been reading the Aubrey/Maturin novels which are set at around the same time the original Fame was sailing, and except for a very small sailboat a friend of mine took out on the MIT marina on the Charles once I’ve never been on a sailing vessel. And Shayde is excellent, and he has wonderful friends and family. So I had a blast. Pictures will be forthcoming shortly. Many thanks to catya (whose idea it was) and her co-conspirators, and of course many thanks to Shayde for having the birthday! (Although I suppose that’s more his parents’ doing; I should have thanked them.)

The crew was particularly good with the children, by the way; the ones that wanted to each got a turn at the tiller (as did Shayde) and they seemed to have a blast.

Then many of us went back to Homeport for an afterparty and stupendous quantities of takeout Chinese food. I didn’t stay very late because between the sun and a bit of a sugar crash I was pretty tired, but I’m glad I got to go.

Brunch this morning with nex0s: This morning I met nex0s for brunch. She introduced me to a good crêpe place, La Crêperie, between Central and Harvard Squares. I love crêpes; I’m probably going to be having more of them now. (I’m bummed I never made it to Mr. Crêpe; I didn’t find out about it until shortly before it closed.)

After brunch I accompanied nex0s to the clinic, where she had her infected thumb looked at and got a scrip for an antibiotic. Then we dropped off the scrip at a pharmacy and spent a little while hanging out in Harvard Square while we waited for it to be filled. We ended up spending quite a bit of time in EMS, where we both got (EMS-brand) Camelbak clones, which will be useful for future Fells hikes. (However, I clearly need more practice filling mine; the water is supposed to go inside the little plastic bladder. There must be some trick to that.)

So I had a great time catching up with nex0s and being introduced to good food! Oh, and at the beginning of our excursion I got to snuggle with Buster a little bit. His stitches are looking pretty good.

I think the plan for tonight is to pay some bills, do some laundry, and have a nice long bath with a good book.
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