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A wonderful day (and one sad thing)

I had a wonderful day, with one sad thing in it. I’ll start with that, although it was chronologically at the end. When I got back to my car after all the adventures I shall relate below, I discovered that it had been egged (which I don’t really care about), and the radio antenna had been broken (which is annoying). Makes me very glad I’d rolled up the windows all the way; often I don’t, so the car can air out. (As will become clear, that’s not the only reason I’m glad I rolled up the windows.)

So I went over to scholargipsy’s to have waffles and play games with him and surrealestate this morning. (I didn’t end up bumping into his housemate treacle_well, alas.) The pancakes were yummy, and then we had a good game of Cities and Knights of Catan. I love playing Cities and Knights, but usually I’m way behind for the whole game. I was behind for most of this game, too, but not way behind; it was a particularly even game.

That’s all we had planned, but at that point surrealestate mentioned the notion of going to Walden Pond that evening, and we decided that sounded like a good idea. After surrealestate went boxing and I helped scholargipsy move some boxes to storage, we went to the pond and had a nice, if fairly brief time there. It was brief because a thunderstorm started while we were there. At first it was just lighting (which cleared out the pond, of course). While I was changing into my dry clothes, it turned into a downpour, so by the time we got to scholargipsy’s car we were utterly drenched.

On the way to the play in Newton we stumbled across a little hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant in Newton called Coconut Café (759 Beacon St., Newton; 617/244-7050) with really good food. scholargipsy and I especially liked the Bangkok-style (i.e. spicy) crispy Pad Thai. They were very helpful in modifying everything to be vegan (putting tofu in the fresh spring rolls instead of shrimp, for instance) and the food arrived really quickly, which was a plus because we were pressed for time. At the restuarant, scholargipsy drew me a little drawing which will no doubt soon become a userpic, but you, my diligent and scrupulous readers, get a sneak preview at right. (In fact, we missed the very beginning of the play, even though we were only a couple minutes late; they started right on time.) I enjoyed the play, although the performance was uneven. The third act was particularly well done.

I needed to come by scholargipsy’s to get my car, and I stopped in for just a moment, which turned into a great semi-philosophical conversation with surrealestate while scholargipsy drew, putting a nice cap on a lovely and full day that had already had lots of good conversations in it.

Yet again I appreciate what wonderful people I have in my life.
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