Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Lovely weekend, and amusement

So, it’s been a good weekend! Thursday night (after leaving work a bit later than planned), sionnagh and I set off on our journey, the first leg of which involved stopping at her mom’s place in Connecticut. Unfortunately, because I left work so late, we didn’t get to see sionnagh’s mom that night, and because I slept too soundly I didn’t get to chat with her over a cup of coffee in the morning. She’s good people; I should try to arrange more time to see her.

Then Friday we took off for Pennsic. We had a very relaxed, pleasant drive. We listened to Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin on tape in the car. It’s very good, but depressing. I love Atwood’s language. (We got about halfway through it; I’ve been listening to the rest of it on my own and am almost done with it.) Friday night I dropped off sionnagh with her clan, getting a chance to give gkrikket a hug and having just enough taste of Pennsic to thoroughly envy sionnagh. (Once several years ago I joined her for a week there.)

I crashed at a motel (more expensive than I’d hoped, but I didn’t feel like going in search of a cheaper one), and had a very nice drive home on Sunday, discovering along the way that Flying J truck stops have wireless.

Today I got stuff done at home, and then went out to see Zatōichi, the Blind Swordsman, after which ash130, cathijosephine, and somebody whose LJ name I alas don’t know went out for Korean-Japanese food (and especially yummy wine). At the movie we also got to see water_childe, rosif3r, and chillguru. Thanks to ash130 for organizing that!

And soon it shall be time for this ’wabbit to curl up in his burrow and go to bed.

Oh, but wait! I promised you amusement! So here’s the amusement (besides Zatōichi, which you’d need to actually see): Whe I got home I had mail from OKCupid telling me I had messages on the site. One of them was a Nigerian 419 scam! They’ve found OKCupid! This particular scammer didn’t answer any questions on OKCupid, and didn’t put too much effort into his profile. I’m half tempted to string him along.
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, sionnagh, travel

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