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BiCamp pictures

Hi! I’ve got some BiCamp pictures up at for your viewing pleasure. (I also cropped and resized a few of them for use as LJ userpics, which you can find at — feel free to steal those for your own journals.)

Currently, I have lots of pictures without people up, and three pictures of me, because I obviously didn’t want to put up pictures of other people without their permission. If I took pictures of you at BiCamp and you don’t mind me posting them on the web, please let me know, either by email or by commenting here. (And let me know how, or whether, you’d like to be identified in the caption, if not by first name.) I’d like to get a few pictures with people up to better communicate the feel of BiCamp.

A few of the pictures make good desktop backgrounds, I think.

(Crossposted in bicamp and my own journal.)
Tags: photos, queer, travel

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