Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,


So I had a wild dream last night. I was selected for the first trip to the moon since the early '70s. No idea how a random civilian with no flight experience or scientific expertise was picked for that, nor how we all of a sudden were ready to launch a mission in 2003. :-) And this time around, the trips were solitary―only one Jay-o-naut in the craft.

The first part of the dream was just before the launch, as I was thinking forward to the mission and its various excitements and discomforts (mostly the former, of course). There were a couple things I wanted to bring with me, and I had forgotten one of them―my digital camera, so I could take some pictures for myself and for posting on the web along with all the pictures I'd be taking “for work”. So I needed to remember to ask Tigris or Tom stop by the house and grab it to give to me when they saw me just before the launch. In the dream they were still living in Hawai'i, I think, but were spending a lot of time on the mainland in the time leading up from the launch. (Also, either the launch was happening from near Boston, or our house was near the launch site.)

Then there was a little section of the dream just after the launch. I was in the little cabin, mostly suited up, marvelling at the sensation of weightlessness and taking pictures out the little window of the earth rotating under the craft as I orbited. I got a couple photogenic pictures of the moon “rising” from behind the earth as I orbited. (In real life, I suspect a consumer-grade digital camera wouldn't deal with the huge contrasts very well―in my dream the moon was much too bright with respect to the earth.)

Then a day or so had passed, and NASA was furious with me for an interview I had given from space with an NPR reporter. Obviously, NASA had set up the link and arranged for me to be interviewed. But at some point the reporter had asked me my opinion about the war in Iraq, and I'd answered honestly, saying it was a horrible mistake and a tragedy not only for the killed and wounded civilians and soldiers, but also for American power and worldwide respect. NASA was furious at me for “politicizing” the interview and by implication the mission, and I was having a hard time getting them to cooperate with me on the practical aspects of the rest of the mission―I wanted them to plan with me the next manoeuver I was going to have to make, and they just wanted to yell at me over the radio. The dream ended with me approaching orbit around the moon, and wondering if I could get enough cooperation out of Mission Control to actually land, and also wondering about the effect my interview might be having on the popularity of the war.

The funny thing is that I almost never remember my dreams, especially if I don't write them down or tell someone about them immediately after I wake up. I woke up (in the middle of the night) to go to the bathroom right after this dream, but I still remember it vividly after going back to sleep for several hours. Anyway, cool dream! I want to have more like that.


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