Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Yesterday, and pictures

So yesterday I went out to ash130’s place to hang out with him and cathijosephine and ivyvigne and [somebody whose LJ name I don’t know, if she has one]. As cathijosephine said, there were good movies and good snuggles. There was also good food – excellent meatloaf (which I think cathijosephine made) and yummy noodle soup which ash130 made. Wow, people who cook! We watched some Eddie Izzard, and I finally got to see Secretary, which I’d missed in the theaters.

But my main reason for posting is to let you know that I’ve added a few sets of pictures to my photo gallery – the pictures from my walk along the Charles and hike in the Fells the other day (which latter has a couple good pictures of sionnagh), and a few pictures of ash130 and cathijosephine’s hairless guinea pig, Pig-pig-pig. Here’s a reduced-size sample, because Pig-pig-pig is too cute not to adorn your friends pages:
Tags: animals, cathijosephine, diary, friends, photos

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