Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Yet more of my excellent long weekend

I had yesterday off. (I’ll have Monday off, too.) I got up, shaved my hair short, spent a little time on the treadmill, drove along Mem Drive to the computer store and picked up a few things, and then parked and walked along the Charles for a bit with my new camera. Pictures will be posted shortly.

Then sionnagh called and we had a nice hike in the Fells, also with pictures.

When I got home, there was email from onemintjulep waiting for me. A few days ago I’d sent him mail asking whether this weekend would be a good time to visit him, but he gets so much spam that he’d missed my mail until then. Fortunately, the one slot left open in my weekend worked for him, so today (Saturday) I drove down to Connecticut to hang out with him. Got to meet his cat Xica and see his awesomely-decorated house, and his back yard, which would be awesome for sledding if you were wearing body armour and the sled were equipped with airbags for when you smash into the house.

On the way back I stopped at Traveller Food and Books, and took a little too long writing a letter to surrealestate, so I had to really scramble to get to the last showing of It’s All in the Timing, the play that scholargipsy was in. It was loads of fun. It’s a collection of short comedies. I especially liked the first one (two women meeting at a restaurant or café) and the one scholargipsy is in, in which it is discovered that we all have to be somewhere.

I think I want to see if I can find someplace to buy the script from; there were a couple I’d like to reread.

Anyway, go scholargipsy; you rock!

And tomorrow and Monday are also going to be filled with friends, and Monday is going to be topped off with slightly techno-flavoured Arabic music and bellydancing at Club Passim. Awesome! It’s going to be hard rejoining the real world after five so delightful days. No, wait. This is the real world! I knew there was a reason I liked the real world so much.

PS – I’m afraid I’ve only skimmed my friends list today; I may well have missed stuff you posted. If important, email me.
Tags: arts, friends, outdoors, travel

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