Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

More on last weekend’s trip to Western Mass

In somechicksings’ journal, I discovered that not only are photos of the picnic/concert at the peace center online here, but that you can download an MP3 of her (and Goose’s) performance! (There’s also a video clip, although I haven’t watched it yet.) The sound quality isn’t very good, but it gives you a sense of her style, and it’s not bad for the poem, which was her second piece (and which I’m really happy about having a recording of, since reading it on the page just is not the same).

On a slightly related note, had a great time yesterday helping ivyvigne carry some things upstairs and meeting her new housemate apassingfeeling (and apassingfeeling’s adorable little pug).
Tags: arts, photos

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