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So yesterday I went out to Western Mass with ivyvigne and mytheria to hear somechicksings at a free concert cum potluck picnic at the Traprock Peace Center and to pick up some of ivyvigne’s stuff from somechicksings’ attic. It was lots of fun! There was a sense of preaching to the converted and insularity to the conversation at the Peace Center (and I was wondering whether fundamentalist pro-war conservatives have similar gatherings and if so what it would be like to be at one of them), but many of the people were really nice, and most importantly, somechicksings totally, totally rocked! She reminds me a bit of Fred Small and a bit of Ani DiFranco. She has Ani’s rhythm. I especially loved the poem “Wake-up Call” (available here on her old site), with the lines “never want to write a book that hitler wouldn’t burn / never want to have a marriage that phelps wouldn’t picket”. Her new site is at, and you must immediately buy her CD, even though it won’t be quite the same as hearing her in person. Anyway, meeting somechicksings and lots of ivyvigne’s other friends from Western Mass was awesome.

[EDIT: This entry has links to pictures, an MP3, and a video clip from the picnic and performance.]

Afterwards we hung out for a while in her new apartment being sleepy, and ash130 and Z. arrived just as ivyvigne was getting ready to paint my toenails. So now I have gold toenails. Yay, happy toenails!
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