Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Two digital cameras for sale, both with flakinesses

Hi. For reasons that may become evident, I want a new digital camera. I recently came by a chunk of money, so I can buy one, but I shouldn’t. My compromise with myself is to see if I can stanch the fiscal hæmorrhage by selling my two old cameras. They are:
  • An Epson PhotoPC 750Z, which takes pictures at 640x480 and 1280x1024, and has 3x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom (the digital zoom being just the middle 640x480 of a high resolution photo) and video out for viewing pictures on a TV. It has an LCD viewfinder, but while that works fine for viewing pictures, it has gotten flaky for taking pictures; the LCD shuts off frequently and it’s hard to keep it on for long enough to actually frame a shot. I think the problem is actually with the switch that tells the camera you want the LCD on. I’ve given up, and use the optical viewfinder. You can see photos taken with this camera (but reduced from the original 1280x1024 resolution) here, and I’ve put a sample full-resolution picture up here.
  • An Epson PhotoPC 500, with no zoom and no LCD, which takes pictures at 640x480 (or 320x240), but which is useless for most camera purposes since it no longer works on battery power. It does work when plugged into wall current with the A/C adapter that came with the other camera, and for a while I had it plugged into a laptop acting as a turtlecam. You can see pictures taken with this camera here, but remember that it’s only usable when plugged in now (hence not outdoors).
Each camera has a serial cable that came with it (and there’s Linux software to access the cameras as well as the supplied Windows software which I think I can still find), and I’d also provide the video cable (works with the 750Z) and the power adapter (works with both – and required to make the 500 work now – but came with the 750Z) and a couple of camera bags. The 750Z takes rechargeable (or standard) AA batteries, and I would provide the charger that came with it, and three sets of rechargeables (only one of which is new). They both take Compact Flash cards, and I would provde along with them:
  • A 128Mb compact flash card
  • The 8Mb compact flash card that came with one of them.
  • An external USB compact flash/SmartMedia reader (not really necessary, since you can use the serial cable to get pictures off the cameras, but speeds things up).
I’d like to get $125.00 for both cameras and all the stuff. (Bear in mind that 128Mb CF cards are still in the $30 range. Also bear in mind the cameras’ problems listed above when deciding whether you’re interested.) Anybody interested? Comment here or send me email if so.

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