Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Saturday night and Sunday

Did not make it to the cabaret on Saturday, instead sionnagh and I and our houseguest and a couple other it’s-a-small-world friends (our houseguest knows fennel, and fennel and our houseguest’s other friend know my boss) came back to our house and hung out and chatted for a while and had a very nice time. There was a spot or two when folks were talking about music when my eyes glazed over, but that’s perfectly fine, I’ve made enough people’s eyes glaze over in my day.

Then yesterday we went to the bi brunch at Buddha’s Delight, and then wandered over to Grand Opening! for a bit of shopping before saying goodbye to our guest, after which sionnagh and I drove down to (as it says in dje’s bio) Undisclosed Location to see dje and greenfizzpops before they move back to S'Effrica. I’m really glad we got to see them before they left (and I might get to see them once more), but it made me and sionnagh both sorry we hadn’t gotten to see more of them while they were here. Was great, though. On the way back we stopped in to see sionnagh’s mom, which was nice – I hadn’t seen her in quite a while.

And now I need to get on the road to go to work. Wish I’d had about four more hours of sleep last night. :-) But! I am now the proud owner of an exercise bike!

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