Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

According to some script somewhere, my best friend is wispfox

Unsurprising, really, although I think that just means she’s my LJ friend who has the most patience for typing in a long list of interests and putting in the effort to prune them sensibly after bumping up against the number-of-interests limit.

My Best Friend is wispfox
Our 34 common interests are: beaches, bisexuality, celtic music, communication, cuddling, douglas adams, fire, folk music, friends, honesty, hot tubs, kissing, long hair, love, massage, oceans, play, polyamory, polyboston, purple, quotes, reading, science fiction, silliness, snuggling, space, star gazing, stars, touch, travel, trees, used bookstores, velvet, water
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I think the only interest I added specifically after seeing it on wispfox’ list is ‘fire’. (Oh, wait; I thought I’d added ‘velvet’ after seeing it on sionnagh’s list, but sionnagh doesn’t list it, so I must have added that from wispfox’ list, too.)

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