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Main Hoon Na 
22nd-May-2004 02:44 am
Me: Wacko grin chez queue
Just got back from watching Main Hoon Na (FlashIMDB) (“I’m Here Now”, I gather) at the Somerville Theatre with purrfab. It was the first Bollywood movie I’ve ever seen, and it was just as delightful and cheesy as I expected! It had everything – humour, music, dance, action, unsubtle product placements, heavyhanded political messages, Matrix parodies, and babes in lavish costumes, including an Indian Arthur Fonzarelli named Lucky — it was perfect! We had a fabulous time. It was also, however, exceedingly long — I ended up needing to take a cab home, and just now got in, wherefore this entry is so short. I wanna see more Indian movies.
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