Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

quick update

Hi! Haven't been a very good poster lately, partly because I've been really busy, and partly because I didn't get sionnagh's computer excavated and set up on the net before she arrived, and my laptop died a horrible death some time ago, so we've been competing for the one computer. I can fix this when I get some free time, probably around 2013.

Met docorion and sionnagh at the airport on Wednesday, and was righteously delighted at then return of docorion's lovely beard. sionnagh and I went home and had a nice meal and a walk and a game of chess. (docorion went off to his hotel.)

Haven't seen as much of docorion as I'd like, but he stayed at the house Friday night, and I had a great time with him Saturday day; starting with a trip to Sound Bites for breakfast. Yum! And last night we went to a party together and had a great time. It's good seeing him here. (sionnagh, too; she's going to be here all summer, though, and docorion's alas leaving again in a few days.) This coast, always the right coast, is righter with him here.

sionnagh and I are going off to a party this afternoon (docorion might meet us there) which should be fun.

And now, I must hurry off to the gym.

PS -- Haven't been very good about keeping up with LJ the past few days; apologies if I've missed important stuff. Feel free to send me email or call my cell phone (currently almost out of battery, though) if there's something you want to call my attention to.

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