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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
Briefest update 
11th-May-2004 11:03 pm
Me: Looking down on Vermont train
First, I have not read any LJ today, and may not get a chance to for another day or so, so if you posted today or will post tomorrow anything you particularly want me to see in a timely fashion, you might want to drop me an email note or comment here.

Secondly, postcard from Dreaming in Prague! Yay!

Thirdly, just got home from yummy dinner celebrating nex0s finishing her Final Review! Yay! She’s not done with school, but she’s done with a big chunk of stress. And as always, she totally rocks.

Fourthly, sleep soon, but tidy house first. I know, I know, I say that at the end of all my journal entries. :-)
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