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Abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US troops/civilians, and its connection to the administration

You may have heard about the US soldiers being court-martialed for abusing (and in one case, apparently, killing) Iraqi prisoners at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. In somebody else’s journal (which I found through a link from derien), I replied to somebody who asked
Why is everyone so shocked that there are bad Americans? Those soldiers are being courtmartialed. This says nothing about the rightness or wrongness of the war.
My typically wordy reply was that actually, I believe there is a connection in this particular case between evil actions by individuals and the arrogant and naïve way this administration went to war and the tragically foolish way the war is being prosecuted. Rather than copy that all here behind a cut tag, I’ll just give you a link to my comment.

Warning: The original post this was a comment on contained several photos of the abuse, including one of a dead body and a some of sexual abuse and sexual humiliation. [EDIT: Since the post has gotten enough comments that the threads have collapsed, if you follow the link above the pictures are visible. This link goes directly to the thread I replied in, and decreases the likelihood that you’ll see the pictures by accident.]

Also, you can listen to the audio of a very good story story I heard on WBUR’s On Point. (Follow the “Listen” link at the end of the headline.) This was the last fifteen minutes of the second hour, starting 33:18 into the show, and was presumably added last-minute since it’s not mentioned on the web page. I found it a better overview of the situation than any of the articles I was able to google for when I got home.

(Time for me to go to bed. I suppose it does little to foster justice for me to stay up all night and make myself sick.)

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