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I've been in kind of a bad mood today -- irritable. Not sure exactly why. Maybe it's the sudden lack of social contact outside of work, especially after wonderful Kala's wonderful visit. (I've been at work very late recently; it's been productive, but it has meant I haven't done stuff like go to the Diesel.) Looking forward to the three-day weekend, although I don't know what I'll be doing. Actually, I'm really tired, and I'm looking forward to the long weekend even if it only means I can sleep late and get some laundry done.

Today was mostly spent packing my office for next Wednesday's move to the new building. It's fun to throw out over seven years of accumulated junk. :-) I'm very excited about the new building and about my new office. I'm going to have lots of cabinetry, which hopefully means my ugly piles of papers and junk can be hidden behind doors.

Just got back (to the office -- yes, I'm a bad boy!) from the gym. Didn't have time for a full workout, but it was nice to get some in.

Well, I'm sure this is all fascinating, but y'all have heard so little out of me recently I figured a boring post was better than no post at all. Despite my mood today, I'm really doing very well -- having lots of fun, looking forward to the summer. Right now, though, I'm looking forward to sleep!

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