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In case I don’t have all your contact information, here’s a form where you can give it to me. Obviously, you don’t need to answer a question if either (1) you don’t want me to contact you that way, or (2) you’re sure I already have correct, current information on how to contact you that way. This poll is an adjunct to the one in this post where I ask how you prefer to be contacted.
Poll #278448 Contact information

My (non-LJ) name:

My preferred email address(es):

My home phone number:

My work phone number:

My mobile phone number:

How to contact me via IRC – server:port, channel, nick, and network if applicable. (Please list a server even if mentioning a well-known network.)

How to contact me via instant messaging – service (AIM, Yahoo, etc.), my name on that service, and any other information needed to contact me that way:

Any other IRC channels or instant messaging services I hang out in:

A non-LJ web site I can be contacted through, with any needed contact information:

My postal address (use "/" to separate lines):

If you said you prefer to be contacted through some other method, please provide information about it here:

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