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Wednesday and Thursday

So, recent events. Doctor’s appointment on Wednesday — just a checkup, but in the process I managed to finally get the last in my series of Hep B vaccinations done (had already completed Hep A), and had blood drawn and a swab taken for an STD screening. Go me! And my doctor is supremely excellent, respectful and open and relaxed and easy to talk to. I think she’d make a great therapist if she ever wanted to switch professions, come to think of it.

Then Wednesday night I attended a most excellent birthday dinner for Cory at the Cheesecake Factory and got to hang out with some other good people I hadn’t seen in a while. Yay!

Thursday night I met burnthappiness at Desi Dhaba, a newish Indian restaurant in Central Square. Thanks for introducing me to it! The food was good, and I found the variety of menu choices particularly good. I really loved the Peshawary naan.1. It was nice to catch up, and let him know how the room was managing without him. :-)

1 Peshawary should be capitalized, right?
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