Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Steak-and-soak™, now with extra cloisters!

Lovely night last night. Met zzbottom, missdimple, and volta for dinner, after which we had a nice soak in volta’s hot tub. Then a subset of us played Carcassone. I think it was about 3:00am by the time I got back home. :-)

Oh, on a different topic, my second meeting with the personal trainer at the gym at work was pathetically boring. This meeting involved no actual exercise at all, just me sitting while he printed up results from last time, looked over them, and shared a few words about them with me, and then drilled down with the mouse in his personal training software looking for exercises to add to the list he’s going to give me next time. It took an hour, and if they were organized and prepared, it could easily have been done in ten minutes. Oh, well. Hopefully next time will be more interesting.
Tags: diary, friends, games, health

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