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High-school nightmares revisited (and not-quite-naked goth women)

So last night I went to the Suicide Girls burlesque show at the Middle East that bbbsg pointed me at. Bumped into a bunch of other good folks there (although I didn’t find bbbsg until the show was over). Was fun, but I didn’t have a very good view from where I was, and the main thing that was appealing was the silly energy of the performers. The band that was on beforehand may well have been good, but it was so loud that my injured ears weren’t able to detect any music. Many thanks to pir for giving me a pair of earplugs! Was a fun night though. Oh, almost forgot! There was a woman in the audience who had really short hair (like mine a few days ago, shorter than it is now), and after the show she was near us and I asked her if I could rub her head, and she said to go for it. Yay! Head-rubbin’s!0 Of course, she had been up near the stage, so I had to be careful to avoid the swaths of chocolate sauce.

So, they’re really more grade-school and junior-high nightmares than high-school nightmares, but “high-school nightmares revisited” has the right associations and a better rhythm. I set foot inside the gym at work today. Scary! I’d signed up in December, before my last trip to Hawai'i, but the personal training office seemed unable to actually call me back, or schedule things when I did manage to speak to a human, and actually getting an appointment scheduled felt like a Sisyphean ordeal. But it finally happened today, and I’ve got another one on Thursday. It was kind of intimidating – I felt as out of my element as I ever have, and that includes both the lesbian hayride1 and the house meeting at Campus Students for Christ – but it was actually kind of fun, and I’m looking forward to going back. The trainer would have been more intimidating if he didn’t look an awful lot like me – which means, of course, extremely cute.2

I didn’t make it to the Diesel tonight because I had a bunch of stuff to do. But I didn’t get much sleep last night (partly because I forgot until about 3:00am that I had the appointment today and therefore had to be at work at a more civilised hour than is my custom), and I may not get much done. Sleep is a very appealing concept.

0 which remind me of belly-rubbin’s and puppy-lovin’s, some of which I shall hopefully be fortunate enough to enjoy in May.
1 Actually, at the time, that was my element.
2 Actually, it means similar facial structure and close-shaven hair and beard, but who’s keeping track? He wasn’t verbal enough, and didn’t seem happy enough to be there, to come off as cute. There’s a guy at the munches on O'ahu who looks a lot like me, and has the enthusiasm and verbal facility to be way, way cute, just like me.
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