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Cross-posted from Facebook: post–wisdom tooth report

Apologies for the fact that I haven’t been reading LJ any more, but this thing I just posted on Facebook was important enough, and enough like the longer-form writing that my social media life used to be about, that I wanted to post it here too.

I am doing so well just a day after getting my wisdom teeth out. I can tell there’s a little aching if I pay attention to it, but (as long as I don’t have Grape Nuts for breakfast and nachos for lunch) if I didn’t know I’d had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, I wouldn’t realize anything was wrong.

Thanks so very much to cathijosephine and plumtreeblossom for taking such epically good care of me. And special thanks to plumtreeblossom for representing at the Davis Square equal marriage celebration; I wish I could have been there. cathijosephine came with me to the procedure, brought me home afterwards, took my slight mania in stride, and showed me entertaining stuff on Netflix. Then plumtreeblossom came over with epic quantities of ice cream and we all watched most of The Wizard of Oz until we got sleepy.

This morning, we tried out plumtreeblossom’s wonderful idea of taking prepackaged biscuit dough, putting dimples in the top, and spooning in preserves before baking them. Best breakfast ever! Then cathijosephine and I finished The Wizard of Oz while plumtreeblossom (who has it completely memorized) planted beans on the mounds with our corn (already knee high before the Fourth of July) and pumpkins.

plumtreeblossom and I are shortly headed out to the hardware store to get some screws of an appropriate length to put our “The Wuzzles” sign up on the house, and ceramic pots to put the basil and the blueberry bush I got last weekend in. (Our experiment with pesto from homegrown basil last year was a huge success, and we intend to repeat it.)

Yesterday was basically all right too, except that it took a very long time for the bleeding to stop. I’d have run out of gauze if I hadn’t had a bunch of my own at home; they gave me enough for a couple hours at most, but I was still bleeding by the time I just gave up and went to bed. When I woke up, my throat was irritated from the blood, but the bleeding had stopped. But for all the bleeding, it never hurt very much. As cathijosephine mentioned when I was dropping her off at the T this afternoon, it feels great when you make space for yourself to feel lousy and you don’t end up feeling lousy. It’s like a vacation.
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