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Movies and dinner

wispfox and nex0s came over last night to watch 2001 and Lawrence of Arabia. The event was inspired by a meme a while ago where people listed the IMDB lists of 100 best and worst movies and indicated which ones they had or hadn’t seen. Hopefully we’ll do something similar soon.

I’d seen both movies before, but hadn’t seen Lawrence of Arabia since I was a child (and I think that was on a not-very-good black-and-white television). The one thing I found most jarring about LoA was that most of the Arab characters were played by European actors. But it was unquestionably a great movie. As wispfox pointed out, Peter O’Toole’s acting was excellent.

Between movies, we took a trip to Pho 99 (sionnagh’s favourite restaurant in Malden, I believe) for dinner.

A great evening, but if we do this again with similarly long movies, we should only watch one at a time.

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