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The Fog of War

I just got back from seeing The Fog of War with zzbottom and missdimple. It’s a documentary on Robert McNamara’s time as Secretary of Defense (during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War), centered on an interview with him, but with lots of footage and recordings from the time. It’s really, really good. The Phillip Glass soundtrack worked very well for the subject matter. Dreaming is right — everybody should see this movie, more than once. And I wish there were more movies like it. I said afterwards that it’s rare to see a movie that’s both a work of history, of nonfiction, and a work of art, and very good at both.

Beforehand we had dinner at Zaftig’s (since Rami’s was closed — obvious in retrospect, but I had spaced on the fact that it was shabbat), and afterwards we had ice cream and talked about the movie at JP Licks across the street.

On a completely different note, this is completely and utterly not my kink.
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