Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

quick highlights

Among the very nice things in this busy but fun day were a trip to see Lost in Translation with surrealestate, scholargipsy, purrfab, wispfox, majes, and some people whose LJ names I don’t know, followed by nice hanging out at the Diesel. I really enjoyed the movie, especially that it didn’t have that Disney-Hollywood predictable feel to it; it felt more like real life. sionnagh pointed out that it was very slow, which it was, but I like movies like that.

Which brings me to another nice thing about tonight, which was calling sionnagh and docorion. It was good to catch up.

And now it’s time to try to catch up on sleep. I’d wanted to answer one of the question memes floating around, but my eyes don’t want to be nearly that open. :-)
Tags: arts, diary, docorion, sionnagh

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