Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quiet weekend at home

(Brief because I really should be in bed.)

So plumtreeblossom and I had lovely plans scheduled for this weekend. Unfortunately, they were incompatible with the amount of coughing I’m still doing. (Was out 2½ days last week; ran out of the good cough syrup Thursday night, got a refill sent to the pharmacy at work on Friday, but didn’t know that it closes early on Fridays and didn’t get there in time. Otherwise I’d probably already be over my Terrible Lingering Cough.)

What we did instead was laze around the house in Quincy yesterday and today watching episodes of Slings and Arrows, which we’d wanted to see since hearing about it, sleeping a lot, and occasionally getting out of bed to eat. (plumtreeblossom observed that it was a bit strange that we were eating cheese dogs with our croissants for breakfast; I pointed out that since it was 1pm it was really a bit strange that we were eating croissants with our cheese dogs for lunch.) I slept a hair over twelve hours last night, and I’m still coughing a bit but feeling a lot better.

And now to bed. Well, after moving my laundry to the dryer so I have socks and underwear tomorrow morning.
Tags: arts, diary, food, health, plumtreeblossom

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