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(1) Sick, and (2) movie recommendation

I had a mild cold for some of the show two-and-three weekends ago, but I thought I was solidly over it by the end of the run. Unfortunately, it came back, with new symptoms, early last week. (Or perhaps I picked up something new to replace it in the green room — a bunch of the cast were sick, some of them pretty badly.)

Anyway, that got worse over the course of the week, and I ended up going home early on Thursday, and staying home on Friday.

Friday night plumtreeblossom came over to take care of me. (We’d already had a date planned, but we decided that with my hacking cough a nice dinner at a restaurant with lots of other diners was maybe not the best idea, so we picked up some take-out.)

After eating, we looked for something to watch on Netflix. plumtreeblossom said she was interested in something historical, and I asked if Shakespeare counted as historical. She said it did, and we ended up watching Great Performances2010 production of Macbeth, with Patrick Stewart as Macbeth. The text was all Shakespeare, but the setting evoked a mid-20th-century fascist state with Macbeth as mad dictator. It was just spectacular. Although clearly done on a pretty low budget, it was visually stunning. The cinematography was wonderful. The acting was amazing — Stewart’s, of course, but also that of the other actors, none of whom we recognized. I felt like you could subtract the Shakespeare play and still be left with a great work of art. plumtreeblossom posted her own review of it here. See it if you can. It’s available on Netflix streaming and Amazon Instant Video.

This morning, we had a social event planned that we were supposed to be hosting, but I was clearly too sick, and unfortunately it was clear that plumtreeblossom was coming down with this too. :-/ So we scrambled in the morning to get in touch with some of the other attendees, and we hope it went off all right without us. plumtreeblossom went home, and I’ve had a quiet day at home watching more Netflix with my kitty and puttering around on the internet. I’m generally feeling better, but the coughing fits have gotten more violent (although less frequent). I really want to just wash my lungs out with warm water. (The vaporizer seems to be helping quite a bit.)
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