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My first significant problem of the day wasn’t so bad 
29th-Oct-2012 10:50 pm
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09
Well, I had my first significant problem of this stormy day: My desk chair broke. (Not broke as in “dumped me on the floor”, but broke as in as in “suddenly dropped six inches and tilted at an unsettling angle, while making a snapping sound and depositing a substantial pile of rust on the floor below it”.) Since the closest thing I have to a desk chair now is a folding wooden chair, there go my plans for the all-night World of Warcraft marathon.¹ But I’m still warm and dry and happy, and the rain seems to have let up quite a bit.
¹ I understand World of Warcraft is a thing the kids are doing these days, and it has something to do with sitting at computers.
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