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Mobile happiness and silly fortune-cookie lechery

So as Dreaming and I were on our way out for dim sum, I noticed there was a package waiting for me from the Nokia repair center. I'd sent my phone off to be repaired about a week ago — shortly after it got dropped (see the funny story), a crack had developed in the plastic over the screen. So I’d called up AT&T Wireless who told me to call up Nokia, who told me to send it to thus-and-such an address with an explanation of what I needed done, and an email address or phone number so they could contact me with a quote and get payment information. I’d been wondering why I hadn’t heard from them, but I’d been far too busy to worry about it. Turns out they just fixed it for free and sent it back. Yay! And it still had all my data in it (which is good, because I haven’t figured out a way to back it up via Linux). So that was nice.

Dim sum (at New Shanghai Restaurant, which does order-from-a-menu dim sum) was yummy; I think I want to Organdize an Expotition there at some point. They brought us four fortune cookies at the end, of which three worked well. Dreaming’s first was “The problems of today will be buried by the sands of time in bed,” which just doesn’t work, so I’m going to declare that it really meant “The problems of today will be buried between the sheets.” His second was great, though: “A diversity of friends is a credit to your flexible nature in bed.” My first one was “A quiet evening with friends is the best tonic for a long day in bed,” which could be improved without too much effort (“A quiet evening in bed with friends...”), but my second was perfect right out of the cookie: “Everyone agrees you are the best in bed.”
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