Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Seeking home for sweet dog

Hi. Apologies for not having all the details, but my ex sionnagh is looking for a home for her sweet nine-year-old service dog Hamlet. His vet bills haven’t been at all unreasonable over the years, but she’s on a fixed income and she can’t afford them any more. Most recently, he’s got a tumor of some sort on his ear which might just be a cyst [or something, that wasn’t the exact word she used] but might be something else, and she can’t afford the surgery or biopsy to find out, so she doesn’t know if he just needs antibiotics or if he needs to have it removed.

She lives in Hawai‘i, but she says she could fly him out to the Northeast. She’s looked for a new home for him there as well, so far without success, but if anybody has a lead on good doggie-parents there, or for that matter suggestions for resources for very low cost veterinary care, that would be very welcome too. (I realize that’s a long shot.)

He’s a dear, sweet, loving dog who gets along with pretty much everybody. He’s a lab mix. He’s good with other dogs, and with cats unless they run or fight, but she says he’s good with cats that are comfortable with dogs. He likes to play outside but he’s mostly an indoor dog.

There are photos of him — although he was only about two or three when I took these — at
Tags: animals, hawai'i, sionnagh

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