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Good stuff

Forgot to mention in my hurried post recently that I had a lovely dinner on Wednesday with surrealestate, who then introduced me to the game Lost Cities, which I definitely want to pick up at some point. Was very good to get to talk with her.

Dreaming is here, and we went over tonight to Homeport to be social and soak in the tub, which was really, really nice. I spent almost the whole time in the tub having fun conversations and feeling tremendously relaxed. It’s great having Dreaming here, and we had a great conversation in the car on the way home.

Another thing I did today that made me feel good was wire some money out of the country to somebody from Africa who sent me mail asking for my kind assistance. No, I'm not kidding.

And I had a large metaphorical weight I’ve been carrying for quite a while finally lifted off my metaphorical shoulders today.

Wow. Excellent day. (Pretty good day at work, too.)
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