Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Health / dreams

(1) My neck is all better. My chest is almost all better. I felt fine yesterday morning and went in to work. Unfortunately a cough on the train on the way in made me feel not fine, but I was basically OK most of the day. This morning I feel fine and coughing has not made the pain come back! (Although I’m trying to do it as little as possible so whatever it is can continue to heal.)

(2) I had an interesting couple of dreams last night. In the first dream, “we” (where “we” was some ill-defined mish-mash of my coworkers and my social circle, but mostly my co-workers) were having some sort of event where people would get taken up in a plane and jump out. Evidently somehow they were supposed not to die, although in my mind this was not the same thing as parachute jumping. I dunno, maybe you were supposed to aim for the pile of mattresses or something. The dream took place during the preparation phase. The police were not happy about us doing this (because they thought it was too dangerous). In the dream, First Amendment jurisprudence prevented them from actually stopping us (apparently, in the dream universe, sending planes up so people can fall out of them is purely a First Amendment issue and the FAA justly recognizes it’s not their problem), but they could set up alongside us and warn people how dangerous this was and try to get them not to sign up. But they were also coöperating with us about security and venue set-up and permits and stuff.

Then I had another dream in which I was telling somebody else about that first dream I had had (which was a dream in the second dream). That dream was odd, because I was living in the house I had grown up in in Illinois (permanently, but sleeping on an air mattress in the dining room), but I still had my Boston work and social life.
Tags: diary, dreams, health

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