Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Home sick (or injured or something)

Was looking forward to a date overnight on the 3d with plumtreeblossom and fireworks on the 4th with cathijosephine and Drreamer (and perhaps other folks).

The date happened (complete with amazing pancakes chock full of fruit in the morning, courtesy of plumtreeblossom and her yummy food imagination), but the fireworks didn’t. And I stayed home sick from work today. Also, I spent much of the night of the 3d not slumbering peacefully next to my wuzzle, but dealing (along with my officemate, who went in) with a major work crisis. So I’m more than a little out of it.

For a few days, I’d had a sore and stiff neck and shoulder. That got kind of bad by the 3d, but it also got joined by a weird kind of chest (and back) pain. Not the kind of mysterious pain that makes one think "heart attack", but a pain just right of center, where the right ribs meet the sternum (and spine, but mostly in front). But mysterious, because it seemed to react like it was a lot of different things — it was made worse by inhaling deeply, or coughing, or sneezing (but oddly not by stifling a sneeze; that doesn't hurt at all), but also by swallowing irritants (alcohol or spicy food or the like), and it was tremendously improved for a few minutes by burping. (Sorry!) So, behaves like some musculoskeletal problem with my rib joints, but also behaves like acid reflux/heartburn, but also behaves like gas (but in chest, not belly).

Anyway, the pain was bad enough early last night that I didn’t sleep very much and was expecting to go in to urgent care at the clinic at work in the morning. But I finally got comfortable around 6am and woke up feeling significantly better. And this afternoon I got another 3-4 hours’ sleep and woke up feeling not all well, but much better. Still very tired — not yet nearly caught up on sleep, but feeling much better and reliably able to sleep.

BTW, unless you are a medical professional, no need to tell me “OMG any chest pain is srs bzns call 911 NAO kthxbye.” I’m stubborn. :-)

I am very disappointed to have missed fireworks with cathijosephine, which was an unbroken tradition with us for many years, but I really would not have been sufficiently mobile, and staying home has helped a lot, and I’m clearly on the mend now (although still puzzled about what this was).
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, health, me, plumtreeblossom, work

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