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So Dreaming and I went contra dancing tonight, and it was excellent! The band was great. The dances were fun and flowed well. And I appreciated some of the cultural changes that seem to have happened at this dance in the years since I went there regularly.

There were a few same-sex couples dancing — just a handful, but significantly more than when I used to dance regularly there, and they were not just because there weren’t enough of one gender at the dance; in at least a couple cases, I got the impression that particular people preferred to dance in same-sex couples. The first person who asked me to dance was a man. There were also a lot of young people, which of course speaks well for the health and long-term viability of the community. And, without knowing much at all about me, one dancer casually referred to her primary, and another one casually referred to the Flea. I think I like the directions that that particular subculture is moving in.
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