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Planets instead of renter

I hurried home from work to meet a potential renter, and on my way home noticed that Venus and Jupiter were very close together, and on the other side of the sky was Mars, along with the Moon. I was running a bit late, but I couldn’t resist pulling out my binoculars when I got home (could see a couple of the moons of Jupiter).

Well, the person who was going to look at the room had something come up at work and needed to reschedule. So I went ahead and pulled out the telescope, and got to look at the three planets (plus the moon) in it for a while. As last time, Mars was just a featureless orange disk, but I could faintly see cloud bands on Jupiter, and could tell the phase of Venus more clearly than through the binoculars. Yay planets!
Tags: diary, geek, house, science

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