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The weekend (bits very amusing)

I was really wiped out Friday night by the time I was done at work, so I didn't even go over and register at Arisia. (Also, between a wonderful week behind me with Kala and a wonderful week ahead of me with Dreaming, I figured I needed a quiet night at home.) I've had a slow leak in one of my tires for a few days, so I stopped on my way home to put air in it. When I got home, I noticed I didn't have my mobile phone, but I assumed I'd just left it at work.

Late Friday night I got email from Kala and an LJ message from danger_chick, both saying that they'd gotten phone messages from somebody who had found my phone, and I could pick it up the next day.

I ended up getting to Arisia really late, around noon, but it was good to get the sleep. I made it to the polyamory panel. (It's a really different experience having a poly discussion in a room with maybe a couple hundred people in it than a living room with twelve or fifteen. It was fun!) Then I had to take off to meet the security guard who had picked up my phone, who works at a mall parking lot. It turns out he had picked it up at the gas station where I'd stopped to get air. (At the time, I had no idea how I could have lost it there.)

He was a bit surprised that I was male; from my voice on the phone he'd assumed I was a woman. He said I had a very pretty voice. He liked my voice a lot, and by the way, he was gay; was I? [No, bisexual.] So we were friends then! So did I like black guys? Had I ever been with a black guy? [I was forgetting somebody, so I said no, I'd never been with a black guy, but I liked black guys fine.] And was I a top or a bottom? [Uh, all my experience with men had been oral.] And would I turn around and let him get a look at that ass? [Uh, I was sure he was a really nice guy and I'd enjoy a cup of coffee with him sometime, but, uh, no thanks, um, mumble.] I did, however, give him a dainty kiss on the hand goodbye, which he assured me made his dick hard. I guess there must be some sort of direct neural connection between the fingers and the penis or something. I have a standing offer to give him a call if I'd ever like a taste of chocolate.

By the time I got back to Arisia, there wasn't much time before a big dinner that some wonderful people had organized (dunno if the organizers want to be mentioned by name, but thanks!). Got to see lots of good people there, and while there was some stress involved in getting seated, the meal itself was lovely, and very inexpensive for the quality and quantity of food and accommodation. After that, I was really tired, so I went on home, even though there was still some programming I wanted to see.

Sunday I got to a couple of panels, managed to connect with Dreaming, and had a good time, although most of the panels I'd wanted to see were on Saturday.

I was especially happy to get to see bensong1 and A. and G., up from New York. And it was also particularly great to see [corrected LJ name] surrealestate; although I'd seen her since she got back from Kripalu, this was the first time I'd seen her while she wasn't being silent, so it was our first opportunity to do anything like catching up.

After Arisia, Dreaming came and dropped off his stuff at my place, we checked email, and we went out to Wang's in Somerville for a nice dinner with treacle_well. It was good to see her; I'd seen her in passing at Arisia, but hadn't really had much chance to talk, and she seemed in very good spirits. Then Dreaming and I came home, watched a couple shorts from Creature Comforts, and went to sleep. (Before midnight! We were both really tired.)

So today we went to the MFA with bitty and bubblebabble, which was a lot of fun, although I wish I could have spent loads more time there. (But I will, because I got a membership, and I work nearby.)

After that, Dreaming and I went to see The Triplets of Belleville at the Coolidge. It's a bizarre, surrealistic animated feature-length film with a half dozen countries across western and eastern Europe, and the best third of North America, in its credits. I can't effectively describe it, but it's really worth seeing. I should see more stuff at the Coolidge.

Then Dreaming introduced me to Rami's (רמי) in Brookline, an Israeli-style falafel place with yummy food. Then we came back here, chatted a bit with burnthappiness, and are now both checking email and blogs. Oh, and I discovered while we were out that the reason I lost my phone is that the seams came undone on the little phone pocket on my fanny pack (bum bag, for my Commonwealth friends who are surprised to discover I have a fanny. Sorry to disappoint you.), which is a bummer, because that was the only reason I bought that fanny pack.

I've had some great conversations so far with Dreaming, and am looking forward to the week.

So, I had a lot of fun at the first Arisia I've actually been registered for, despite missing most of the programming I wanted to see. Resolutions for next year: (1) Plan attending much earlier, so I'm actually prepared. (2) Don't lose my phone. (3) Despite all the travel I'll no doubt be doing before Arisia, stay plugged into the right social circles enough to be invited to those sorts of parties. (I did get to test a truly lovely backside for doneness. Nice and tender; it was done.) (4) Get enough sleep going into Arisia (although I have absolutely no regrets about this year!). (5) Be on some panels.

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