Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Wonderful weekend

Great weekend with my darling plumtreeblossom, despite my body not coöperating. Friday evening I finally started to feel like the nasty cough I had was starting to go away. Saturday morning I woke with a great deal of pain my my hip. (They do this from time to time; usually the right one but this time it was the left one.) Only it had snowed, and I had to shovel. While I was shovelling, I was remarking that my hip wasn’t hurting all that much, and maybe the stretching and motion was actually good for it. Go me!

Only when I stopped, it turned out shovelling had made it much worse. Not as bad as it’s ever been but pretty bad: lying flat and standing still were mostly OK, very carefully and slowly walking in a straight line, taking small steps and being very careful my weight is directly over the bad hip and supporting myself on walls or a cane was painful but possible, sitting is really uncomfortable and makes things worse, and any rotation at all along the long axis of my leg was extremely painful. So I asked plumtreeblossom to take the T to Quincy Center and I’d pick her up at the T station, since I didn’t think I could sit in the car for the full trip to Somerville and back.

So I met my love at the T station and we went shopping. (This consisted of me supporting myself on the cart while wheeling it along the ends of the aisles while plumtreeblossom ran up and down the aisles grabbing what we needed; I couldn’t do a normal amount of walking.) Then we came home and plumtreeblossom cooked our dinner while I stretched my leg and read news of the South Carolina primaries. After a yummy dinner (fried chicken, onion rings, and beets), we settled in with a movie. (Sitting upright hurt, but reclining to watch a movie was fine.) We watched Moon, which we’d both wanted to watch for a while. It’s very hard to describe without spoilers, but it was a very thoughtful, interesting sci-fi/fantasy thriller with some serious mystery aspects. We both loved it. Very visually interesting (the exterior moon shots were done with models rather than CGI, and were very effective). Highly recommended!

After a little political geekery online, we went to bed and slept until noon, which I really needed. My hip was improved for most of Sunday, although I was incautious making a turn once and was using the cane again for a couple of hours. By now, it feels almost normal.

When we got up, we had some breakfast and some GOP Schadenfreude and then started making pumpkin pie. (“We” being mostly plumtreeblossom, but I helped. Part of the point was to teach me how to make pumpkin pie, since I like it so much.) And then we went to a party that had a cake-vs.-pie bake-off and had a delightful time. I ate way too much cake and pie despite taking very small pieces (and probably getting to try fewer than half the options) and had a great time. Then I dropped plumtreeblossom off at home — by this point my hip was fine in the car for that long — and came home.

And I’m going to sleep well tonight!

PS — If you didn’t follow the cut, you missed my recommendation of the movie Moon. We thought it was great and we both encourage you to see it. Not available on Netflix video-on-demand any more, but available from Amazon.
Tags: arts, diary, food, health, plumtreeblossom, politics, sf

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