Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,


EDIT: My sewer’s working again! They’re still filling back in the hole, but the plumbing work’s done. *Whew!* Off to see my wuzzle!

Well, if the folks from the sewer department are correct, we should be done with the stuff that involves either (1) me waiting to let people into my basement or my neighbour’s basement or (2) me paying for things. (The second visit from the plumber only cost me ~$150, ’cause of the frequent-customer discount.)

Verdict so far is that when the gas company fixed my gas pipe, they broke the sewer main. The repairs involve digging up the recently-almost-paved-but-not-quite-topped-off street, but should not require getting into our houses any more. (I do, though, need to clean some of the places sewage got that sewage is not supposed to get once I have water again.)

The digging equipment hasn’t shown up yet, but there’s a work crew with trucks and lights out getting ready for it.

Thanks for everybody’s well-wishes! (And thanks for plumtreeblossom’s messages of love!)
Tags: diary, house, important

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