Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Dreamwidth and jellybeans

  1. If you have a Dreamwidth account as well as an LJ account, and I’m on your Friends list on LiveJournal, could you add me there as well? That way I can comment there when I see cross-posts. (I’m beowabbit there as well as here.)
  2. The coffee-flavored jellybeans were not the high point of my evening, but they were definitely up there. I knew the flavor was very familiar, but I wasn’t actually able to identify it unaided. Now I think I’m going to be obsessing about coffee-flavored jellybeans for days.
Note: I don’t actually think to check Dreamwidth except when I see cross-posts, alas, so I probably won’t see stuff that’s only posted there.
Tags: food, geek, lj, psa

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