Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Great, full weekend

Had a great weekend with my wuzzle! On Saturday we went to the Franklin Park Zoo and had a great time. I will eventually post some photos to Flickr, but for now there are a couple on my Tumblr account. (Sorry they’re fuzzy; my good camera was out of batteries and I was taking them with my phone — at an unreasonable zoom level without a flash — until we found the gift shop to buy spare batteries.)

Then on Sunday we saw closing night of The Big Broadcast of 1954, and had a blast. We’d seen opening night, too, and it was neat to notice the minor differences — such as PMRP’s favorite deployed Marine delivering the recorded opening speech. Yay srakkt!

This was a great show, and while we regret that geography kept us from participating this year, we enjoyed the opportunity to experience a show purely as audience members. If I listed all the great performances and nifty touches I’d be typing all night, but I have to mention just how much the band, Jaggery, added to the performance. (The background music for the final climactic ride in Sleepy Hollow was especially effective.) Everybody involved should be very very proud, and I can’t wait to hear the Ride Across America CD when it comes out and see what the other radio-drama groups that participated came up with.

Then Monday night I helped plumtreeblossom and one of her downstairs neighbours hand out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, which was lots of fun and something I almost never get to do since I’ve usually got Hallowe’en night commitments. And we finished up Hallowe’en night with a nice chat with vanguardcdk and a Twilight Zone episode.

Lovely weekend!
Tags: animals, arts, diary, local, plumtreeblossom, pmrp

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