Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Two odd dreams

Last night I had two odd dreams.

In the first one, I was in a large (strange) building with plumtreeblossom (and, I think, a few other people, but we were mostly wandering around on our own). The building was unfinished, rough-hewn dark wood, and a little dim (the windows were small and I think they didn’t have glass in them, and the interior was kind of maze-like). It looked sort of old-West. And it was essentially this huge, vast coat-check room, filled with almost identical leather overcoats. I mean, it wasn't actually a coat-check room with coats left by patrons, just a storage room for coats this place owned, but all the walls (and did I mention maze-like?) were lined with poles on which were hung overcoats. All nearly identical, dark brown and I think leather.

But only nearly identical. Because a few of them, here and there, had the names of degree programs painted on the back of them. And those were degree programs that this place offered, because it was a university of some kind. (This revelation came to me slowly, as I wandered among the coats.) And I came across an overcoat with a Master’s in journalism painted on the back of it, and thought that that was an excellent idea, and maybe I should enroll.

OK, plumtreeblossom just hopped in the shower and I need to join her so we can make it out to brunch, so you’ll have to wait until some other time to hear about the dream about the talking shark in the pipe that was demanding to be fed somebody.
Tags: dreams

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