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Looking for a housemate in Quincy 
5th-Oct-2011 11:54 pm
Local: Quincy house pre-purchase
That thing with putting my house on the market didn’t work out so well, alas. So I’m looking for a housemate in my place in Quincy Center.

Here’s the Craigslist ad. Feel free to point anybody you know who might be interested at it (or this post). This ad is for the larger room, which I’m offering at $800/mo including all utilities.

$800 / 140ft² - Large room in nice duplex - UTILITIES INCLUDED (Quincy Center)

Large room in nice duplex near Quincy Center, $800/mo utilities included

Seeking roommate to fill a fairly large bedroom (11½' x 13') in a 2 bedroom house (half of a duplex) in Quincy, 15 minutes' walk from the Quincy Center T station. $800/mo includes all utilities (except cable; there's no cable TV currently and you'd need to arrange for that yourself). Laundry in the basement, and the worlds cutest wee tiny little dishwasher. Lots of off-street parking. Hardwood floors. Available furnished or unfurnished, your preference.

A cat lives in the house, and another cat might be possible, subject to her approval. Fish or reptiles in a terrarium would certainly be fine.

I'm friendly, respectful, fairly quiet, and generally easy to get along with. I'm a system administrator at MIT, and spend a fair amount of time at my partner's place in Somerville. I listen to NPR (and the kind of music you hear on NPR). I tend to be up late, but very quiet in the evenings. My partner and my ex (and best friend) are both over for dinner pretty frequently, but we're fairly quiet. Once in a while I host a dinner party or a games night.

No smoking in the house (not even in February snowstorms), but there's a covered porch (as well as a large deck).

First and last months' rent preferred to move in. (Last is negotiable if it's a hardship but you have solid references; first month can be pro-rated.)

Note: I have another, smaller room available for less money; I'm curently in it but could move upstairs to the larger room. (The smaller one would have to be rented fully furnished.)

S. Walnut St. at Atherton St.

Alternatively I’d be willing to rent the smaller room (which I’m in now) for somewhat less money. Haven’t figured out exactly how much, but maybe $600/mo including utilities. (The larger room is probably a better deal though; the small one is very small.)

I would like to try putting the house on the market again next season (for a sale sometime in or after the summer), but whether I do that and the timing could be influenced by a housemate. (So if a potential housemate wanted to stay through the end of the school year, or through the end of the summer, that’s almost certainly fine, and if they wanted to stay for a couple years or so that might work too.)

Anyway, feel free to spread far and wide! (And sorry I haven’t been posting much to LJ these days. I’ll fix that, just as soon as they put a few more hours in the day. :-)
6th-Oct-2011 04:01 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear that selling the house didn't work out. Good luck finding a congenial roommate!

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