Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Lightly used 10" Android tablet (and accessories) for sale

Hi. A few months ago, I bought (from a Viewsonic gTablet 10.1" Android tablet to use mainly as an ebook reader. I found it to be a great general-purpose Android tablet (after I wiped the somewhat flaky version of Android it came with and replaced it with CyanogenMod), but since I do most of my ebook reading on the subway, sometimes standing, it was a bit too heavy and too bulky for my purposes. (It really needs two hands.)

It’s nice and fast, and (in addition to a mini-USB port for synching) it has a full-sized USB port for attaching a keyboard or flash drive (or, I think, even a powered USB hard drive). It’s got a front-facing camera for video chatting. t’s got a capacitative (read “good”) touchscreen. It will come with a fresh install of CyanogenMod on it.

In addition to the tablet, I've got two docking cradles (which provide another USB port, and theoretically an HDMI-out port and a wired Ethernet port, although I have not successfully gotten HDMI to work under CyanogenMod and I didn’t try Ethernet), and a portfolio case with a built-in USB keyboard which turns the thing into a touchscreen mini-laptop (although you really need to use it on a table).

Anyway, $200.00 for the lot, PayPal preferred. (I bought the tablet itself for ~$280 new. The accessories added up to about another $100, but I was using a gift card for most of that.)
Tags: geek, psa, tech

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