Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Thanksgiving / Seeking catsitter

Hi! For the first time since we met, plumtreeblossom and I are going away for Thanksgiving, to bcat1 [who doesn’t use her LJ account] and spacechicken’s [oops, who doesn’t seem to have one any more] in the land of awesome barbecue North Carolina. We’ll be away something almost a week, from the 22d through the 27th.

plumtreeblossom’s wonderful housemate vanguardcdk will also be out of town.

plumtreeblossom’s cat Ben Ben (who doesn’t have an LJ name, silly boy; I think he uses the Face Books or whatever you kids are using today) is a finicky eater who needs is food and water changed on a regular basis. He also would probably like some company.

So, we are looking for somebody to look in on Ben Ben, feed and water him (and probably change his litter once or twice in there), and give him some attention. Anybody game? This could either be a drop-in-once-a-day thing or (if somebody wanted) a housesitting thing. plumtreeblossom can pay something towards this (although I don’t know how much she’s offering). She can also offer WiFi, cable, and Netflix.

Anybody interested? You’d be helping us go see CUTE BABIES!
Tags: animals, plumtreeblossom, travel

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