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Stuff to give away

As part of my effort to sell my house, I have a lot of stuff to get rid of. These are all available for pickup in Quincy. (The smaller things I might be able to bring to my work in Kendall Square.)

Here’s the first batch:

  • 5 upholstered dining chairs; 3 of which are currently sittable on (if dirty) and all of which need work. Photo of two of them at .

    These are dark-finished (reddish brown) wood, somewhat ornate looking, with burgundy-upholstered seats and backs. One has arms; I think all the others don’t. The upholstery needs cleaning, and in some cases the screws could use tightening. Three are usable. One has had the seat (evidently repaired with particleboard! at some point unlike the plywood on the others) break. And one is structurally sound as far as I know but had something nasty get on it while being stored and I cut the upholstery off the seat. (Frankly, I would recommend reupholstering all of them, but with some attention they could be a great addition to somebody’s slightly Goth dining room.) One caveat: The screws these chairs are held together with do not all match. Some are straight, some are Phillips, and some are square-socket screws.

    The chairs are free. I am still using the table they came with (with different chairs) and am a bit attached to it — it’s large and great for board games — but could probably be persuaded to part with it for $150 if somebody was excited about having a table that matched the chairs. It’s about 66"x42" (~1.7m x ~1m).

  • (Non-USB) turntable. (Comes with appropriate cables to hook it to a computer’s line-in jack. Some cosmetic damage to lid.)

  • Electric treadmill. Worked fine last time I used it, several years ago. I keep thinking I’m going to somehow make a space for this and it keeps not being true.

  • Low rocking seat. This is one of those things that looks sort of like a car bucket seat and has you sitting fairly low to the ground.

  • Three purple folding back-jacks (for sitting comfortably on the floor). I got these when I had a house that could fit more people than I had chairs for, which is no longer the case. Some cat fur included at no extra charge. :-)

    See for photos (these are the folding ones).

  • A couple decorative oil lamps (one with glass base; one with metal), and a couple bottles of lamp oil. I don’t know how many times I’ve moved these since the last time I lit them.

More no doubt to follow.
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