Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

A very plumtreeblossom Christmas

Well, her flights were delayed, and it was around midnight last night before she got her luggage and we could go to the car (a rented Zipcar, since I took my car into the shop Monday and there were Unexpected Complications), but I have my honeywuzzle back. I am so glad she’s home.

And when we got to her place and unpacked, we opened all the wonderful gifts my family sent, including great cold-weather lotion for plumtreeblossom and a fascinating-looking book on the history of the information age for me from silverlibre and ka9sqb, and some very useful cold-weather supplies for the car, and wonderful warm fleece blankets for each of us and a card with adorable photos of the babies from bcat1 and spacechicken. And did I mention the treats? Evidently my family thinks we’re too skinny! There ware all sorts of cookies and fudge and bread and excellent chocolate and just amazing delightful decadence.
Tags: cars, diary, family, food, important, plumtreeblossom, travel

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