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My poor stranded wuzzle! 
26th-Dec-2010 02:36 pm
Travel: airplane silhouette
plumtreeblossom is out in Rochester visiting her family. She was supposed to be flying back tonight. This morning I got a call from her saying she’d be getting in very late on the bus because flights to Boston are cancelled due to the snowstorm and the trains were all sold out.

A few minutes ago I got a call from her saying that the bus was cancelled. At this point she has no idea how or when she’s getting back to the Boston area.

Tonight after I picked her up was going to be our little Christmas celebration, opening gifts from my family. Tomorrow’s her birthday and we were going to celebrate with dinner. At this point it looks not at all certain that she’ll even be home by any point tomorrow. Poor darling. But wherever she is, she knows I love her.

In other news, I’ve been spending most of this holiday break at work. (When nobody else is around is a good time to do upgrades.) I have to say, I really love being at work with no distractions and nothing in particular I have to do in the evenings; being able to get in when I feel like it, sit down and focus solidly on one project all day, and leave feeling accomplished when I’m hungry or tired or just slowing down. I feel like I accomplish so much more in a quiet uninterrupted day on a holiday weekend than on an ordinary workday. And despite the fact that I’ve gone to work every day, it really feels like a vacation. I really enjoy my job.

I am sure ready to have my honeywuzzle back, though!
26th-Dec-2010 08:39 pm (UTC)
is the Amtrak Lake Shore Limited a possibility?

Edit: Forget I ever said the above. Amtrak shutting down Boston operations at 5 pm today. This surprises me, since trains should be able to power themselves through weather that shuts down all other forms of transport.

Edited at 2010-12-26 09:19 pm (UTC)
26th-Dec-2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
Trains need visibility as much as cars do to make sure they're not about to crash into anything.

Cancelling Northeast Corridor service (what the cited article refers to) makes sense to me -- wet snow => caternary wires dangling icicles => zero power to train, and/or short circuits in 25 kV current, neither of which are a good thing.

This thread gives a couple reasons why running a [diesel] train at passenger speeds in a snowstorm might be a bad idea. So I wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled a Lake Shore Limited trip either.
26th-Dec-2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
As it happens, it’s irrelevant to plumtreeblossom whether Amtrak is running or not, because by the time she got to their web site very shortly after finding out her flight was cancelled, there was one ticket to Boston left, and it sold while she was trying to book it. She’s since called Amtrak, and they’re sold out through New Year’s.

Lots of other people had that idea too. :-/
26th-Dec-2010 11:05 pm (UTC) - I'm in utica (about 2 hr east of rochester)
I could drive out and get her if her flights can't be rescheduled earlier than tuesday.
26th-Dec-2010 11:47 pm (UTC) - Re: I'm in utica (about 2 hr east of rochester)
Thank you so much! I just talked to her on the phone. She has been rebooked on a flight Tuesday evening. So if that actually holds, she’s all set. But given the state of things she’s not entirely sure how much she can trust the airline. If it turns out that her Tuesday flight is cancelled, and she knows by tomorrow, she would consider your generous offer.

She has net, but is having trouble getting to LJ for some reason. Shall I send you her phone number and/or email address?
27th-Dec-2010 12:10 am (UTC) - Re: I'm in utica (about 2 hr east of rochester)
I sent you both the info on fb, but sure, redundant info is not a bad plan.
27th-Dec-2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
Your wuzzle will hopefully be back in your arms tomorrow night! Loving you so!
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